Why I Am Frustrated With the Pastoral Interview Process- Pt. 2

Recently, I wrote a post detailing one of my experiences with the pastoral search process, and how often many guys are mistreated. It has garnered a lot of attention since it was posted. Mission Accomplished!

For those who may have thought it was distasteful, and probably not in my best interest to post on my web page, I’m sorry. If you left frustrated, then either you have not been there (congratulations) or are a part of the problem with search committees. I wanted those who read that post to feel tension. When you are interviewing these men, respect their dignity. I talked to a good friend and colleague of mine, and he was never treated, nor asked the kind of questions I’ve been asked by a search committee. He was dumbfounded when I discussed my interview with him.

Denial is hard for everyone. So if you deny a guy (which will happen of course), it would be good to offer some explanation. It’s not mandatory to do so, but I think it shows good character from a search committee, and its helpful information for the interviewee as he continues his search.

Finally, I know employers often look for the most qualified. The one who can step right in and “take the reigns”. That’s okay, but consider the man who can be groomed. He may not have the 5 or 10 years of experience that you want, but he has the character qualities and intellectual abilities to be a long term asset to your ministry. Would you rather take a guy who can be groomed a little and last for 8 to 10 years, or the guy who is really overqualified who only lasts for 2?


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