About the Author

I was born in the inner-city of Kansas City, MO, and the eldest of 3 children. I attended the area’s only Magnet elementary school, which is where I discovered a love for science-specifically Biology. In high school, my concentration was in the area of cellular division. I attended The University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) and majored in Biological Sciences- emphasis in Pathology. My plan (emphasis added) was to later attend Medical School, but the Lord has a funny way of dealing with our plans.

I grew up in a Christian family. My parents always had us in the church, so I was well aware of my need to stay connected to a body of believers in school. At Mizzou, I decided to join the Legion of Black Collegians Gospel Choir. It was through this choir that I found a “home away from home”. Many of the moments I had in the choir, I will cherish for a lifetime. Through the choir, I was introduced to a campus ministry called The Impact Movement. The Impact Movement is a daughter organization of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU). The Founder and President, having been a staff member of CRU, saw a need to more effectively reach the African-American students on the campuses across America. So he and a few of his colleagues gave birth to the Impact Movement. The Impact Movement focused on evangelism- taking the truth of Jesus Christ to the campus, community, and world. The goal was to produce leader of African descent who are spiritually focused, financially responsible, and morally fit (i.e. all areas of life). I fell in love with the gospel and found my love for gospel declaration as a result of the Impact Movement. In my latter years at Mizzou, I became a student leader and I had the opportunity of leading and teaching the Impact large and small group bible studies. It was a thrill!

Upon my graduation in 2010, and on my way to Med School, the Lord arrested my heart. He grew my passion for teaching his word, and loving people. I decided not to enter Med School that next semester, and I took 6 months to really listen to God and find out His plan for my life. Having considered seminary, and by recommendation from a few of my closest friends and spiritual brothers, I decided to enroll at Covenant Theological Seminary. The Lord opened all the doors, and I would find myself heading to St. Louis in the spring of 2011. It has been a wonderful ride.

I served Grace New Covenant Church (GNCC) in St. Louis, MO in the Christian Education department particularly with the youth, and the Music Ministry.
We recently moved to Seattle WA. where I am pursuing other areas of employment. I am currently a teaching Pastor at Flourish Church Rainer Valley in the Columbia City neighborhood in Seattle. We meet Sundays at 10am at the Kin On Community Center bear Rainer Ave.

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